Be ALOHA and Put Hawaiians FIRST.

The purpose of the iAlohaNation is to restore the Nation of Hawai’i to its prominence and rightful independence by acquiring wealth and creating revenue sources that will be used to rebuild our nation, reclaim our land, reinstate our kingdom and empower our government for the lasting welfare and well-being of our citizens, at home and abroad.

The iAloha Nation has been created to fill this gap of economic disparity between today’s political climate and the adoption of the Nation of Hawai’i’s government structure. We honor our Native Hawaiian culture in its language, history, dance, crafts, and music and represent these values by first being of Native Hawaiian decent and encapsulating our way of life in everything we do and how we treat others.  


We serve and honor our God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are anchored by the teachings of the Bible in its entirety and accept it as the true Word of God, inspired by Him through the apostles and authors of every book therein.  Together, our cultural and spiritual beliefs drive our decisions and actions on a daily basis and will be the benchmark from which all things will be procured on behalf of the iAloha Nation and delivered to the marketplace both locally and globally.

"We operate in Aloha in everything we do because that is who we are."

Leilani Hart, Ambassador Extraordinary  &  CEO

Our Mission

To forge strategic alliances, establish profitable partnerships and instigate creative collaboration with organizations and individuals aligned with our duty to first prosper Hawai’i, its land and citizens there and across the globe.

Our Vision

The iAloha Nation will be the catalyst that incites communities around the world to MĀLAMA the land, operate in ALOHA and live PONO by demonstrating our Hawaiian way of life in the global marketplace.


has been created to reinvigorate the Hawaiian community economically, politically and socially. We welcome you!

Email: info@ialohanation.com

Phone: (980) 250-0935

Address: 4605 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 110 PMB 50 Phoenix, AZ 85048

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