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This limited edition commemorative coin has been made in a special time in history to rally people from all over the world to remind us of the importance of knowing who we are, honoring our homelands and ensuring future generations know the significance of our sacred lands.  Proceeds from your purchase of this rare coin will directly benefit the Kia'i, providing necessary supplies, food and other goods on the mauna.  Every dollar raised will multiply the efforts of those on the front lines, protecting our way of life.  Your coin will serve as a proud reminder of your significant contribution to a very worthy cause.  Join the movement with us and purchase your coin today!


has been created to reinvigorate the Hawaiian community economically, politically and socially. We welcome you!


Phone: (980) 250-0935

Address: 4605 E. Chandler Blvd. Suite 110 PMB 50 Phoenix, AZ 85048

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